Hello Fans, 

EviL Empire is proud to announce the addition of “Fonzi” to the EviL family.  The entire month has been a grind and with it coming to a close we anticipate a very exciting future.  Our Comp team run by “Grizzey” has been running all month and gaining chemistry while “DaSoul” has been deep orchestrating the seeds of the future.  We expect as the weeks grow into months, that there will be more news coming on a more frequent basis.  If your interested in being apart of our Gaming community please feel free to contact “Grizzey” or “ArctcHippo” for more information.  Show some support to our streamers as one of our very own “Riskyy” who just became a father, is now expecting another!!!!  Lets keep a look out for “ValueZz” and “Lethal” coming up big this summer in the gaming ranks.  Whose ready for the start of spring season?